02/11/2018Faith vs Fear 2

02/04/2018Faith vs Fear



01/14/2018The Wise Person

01/07/2018Our Divine Resources

12/31/2017The Natural Man

12/24/2017 Hard Hearted People

12/17/2017 Three Lives and two deaths

12/10/2017 Volitional Responsibility

12/1/2017The Real You

11/26/2017The Cosmic System

11/19/2017Sin Wrong doing Evil

11/12/2017The New Life in Christ

11/05/2017The Cancer In America

10/29/2017Three Letter Word Called Sin

10/22/2017The Bottom Line

10/15/2017National Arrogance

10/08/2017Study on Arrogance

10/01/2017 Spiritual Maturity


09/17/2017Satans Contract on You

09/10/2017Christ Claim on Your Life II

09/03/2017Christ Claim on Your Life

08/27/2017Consider What is To Come 3

08/20/2017Consider What is To Come 2

08/13/2017Consider What is To Come

08/06/2017The Enemy is Me

07/30/2017Our Unique Life 7

07/23/2017Our Unique Life 6

07/16/2017Our Unique Life 5

07/09/2017Our Unique Life 4

07/02/2017Our Unique Life 3

06/25/2017Our Unique Life 2

06/18/2017Our Unique Life

06/11/2017Grace Orientation in Testing

06/04/2017Testing through Suffering

05/28/2017The Importance of Scripture II

05/21/2017The Importance of Scripture

05/14/2017Critical Thinking skills II

05/05/2017Critical Thinking skills

04/29/2017The Challenge to America

04/23/2017Th eResurrection

04/16/2017Time Does Not Shout

04/09/2017Time Does Not Shout

04/02/2017Time Does Not Shout

03/26/2017Time Does Shout

03/19/2017Time does not shout it just runs out

03/12/2017Operation Boomerang


02/26/2017Spiritual Maturity II

02/19/2017Spiritual Maturity


02/05/2017Relaxed Mental Attitude


01/22/2017Diversion After Conversion

01/15/2017Diversion After Conversion

01/08/2017Communion Special Part II

01/01/2017Communion Special


12/25/2016The Cancer In America

12/18/2016Have Faith in God

12/11/2016Soaring with Eagles

12/04/2016The Holy Spirit

11/27/2016Let Your Light Shine, Pt. 2

11/20/2016Let Your Light Shine

11/13/2016A Divine Pardon, Pt. 6

11/06/2016A Divine Pardon, Pt. 5

10/30/2016A Divine Pardon, Pt. 4

10/23/2016A Divine Pardon, Pt. 3

10/16/2016A Divine Pardon, Pt. 2

10/09/2016A Divine Pardon


09/25/2016Surveying the Times

09/18/2016Capacity for Life

09/11/2016Being in Christ Jesus

09/4/2016The Heart

08/28/2016The Standards of God

08/21/2016Satanic Devices, Pt. 3

08/14/2016Satanic Devices, Pt. 2

08/07/2016Satanic Devices

07/31/2016Where are the Men, Pt. 5?

07/24/2016Where are the Men, Pt. 4?

07/17/2016Where are the Men, Pt. 3?

07/10/2016Where are the Men, Pt. 2?

07/03/2016Where are the Men?

06/26/2016Stinkin’ Thinkin’, Conclusion (Pt. 5)

06/19/2016Stinkin’ Thinkin’, pt 4

06/12/2016Stinkin’ Thinkin’, pt 3

06/05/2016Stinkin’ Thinkin’, pt 2

05/29/2016Stinkin’ Thinkin’

05/22/2016Plain Talk About the Devil’s World

05/14/2016Old Sin Nature (Re-air)

05/08/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 7

05/01/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 6

04/24/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 5

04/17/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 4

04/10/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 3

04/3/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 2

03/27/2016Castaway Believer, Lesson 1

03/20/2016The Plan Revealed

03/13/2016Three Enemies of the Believer

03/06/2016Why Are You Suffering, cont.

02/28/2016Why Are You Suffering

02/21/2016Whose Mind Is It

02/14/2016I Am What I Think

02/07/2016Knowing Your Destiny

01/31/2016Occupation With Christ

01/24/2016Happiness Explained


01/10/2016Personal and Impersonal Love

01/03/2016Personal Love for God