Books & DVDs

Books & DVDs

Books, DVDs & Other Publications
from Rick Hughes Evangelistic Ministries

All publications and are available at NO CHARGE from Rick Hughes Evangelistic Ministries. A DVD player is required to view/listen to the Berachah DVDs listed below the books section.


A Crash Course in Basic Christianity

by Rick Hughes

This book gives Christians basic bible doctrine that will help them orient to God’s plan for their life. This is a study of Christian execution which reminds us that “Winners Execute and Losers Emote”



A Divine Pardon

by Rick Hughes

Available in English and Spanish

Some famous men in the Bible committed serious crimes, but went on to become the greatest believers in history. In this book Rick Hughes tells how the Lord granted them a “Divine Pardon.”


Christian Problem Solving

by Rick Hughes

Every problem in life has a solution. This book helps you understand your options using 10 problem solving devices provided in God’s Word when you encounter problems.


Practicing Your Christianity

by Rick Hughes, 2015

This book will wrap up the Christian life in simple, practical terms so that you can know with confidence God’s plan for your life.


Understanding Your Soul

by Rick Hughes

Available in English and Chinese


Happiness – Where Can I Find It? What Does It Cost?

by Rick Hughes

God designed you to be happy, but not apart from Him. He is your creator and heavenly Father, but your sins have separated you from Him.