About Rick Hughes Evangelistic Ministries

"rick hughes ministries"

Rick Hughes Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. was founded for the purpose of communicating the Word of God to students and administrators in private schools and churches across the United States. This ministry is non-denominational in its thrust and is conducted freely without charge or obligation. No material is sold and no offerings are taken.

"rick hughes ministries"

RHEM Board of Directors

Rick communicates clear and concise Biblical principles designed to awaken the conscience of the hearers and remind them of age-old Divine norms and standards communicated through parents and churches.

Rick’s thrust is to challenge the intellect of those who attended his lectures and teach them the mechanics of victorious daily living. This is done apart from any emotional appeal or public invitations. Rick seeks to stir the emotion through illustration and examples but understands that winners must execute, not emote.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a series of lectures designed to give students information that will assist them in making good decisions throughout their lives. The speaker, Mr. Rick Hughes, challenges young people to acquire norms and standards based on an understanding of God and His Word.

Rick develops a special rapport with his audience by sharing humorous stories and experiences of his life. He is straightforward and understandable in his approach to solving personal problems.

Spiritual Emphasis Week creates an environment for students and faculty of your school to learn biblical principles that give life purpose, power, and direction. From the first day, you will realize this approach is not an appeal to emotions, but rather a challenge to the intellect.

Student Emphasis Week is presented to private schools across the United States.

Why Have a Spiritual Emphasis Week in Your School?

Today, students are faced with confusion in our streets, our schools, our homes and by world events

Rick’s presentations provide clear, accurate information explaining the truths written in God’s Holy Word. This information often helps students understand how to succeed in today’s environment.

Students are able to grasp a fresh understanding of God’s will for their lives and how to have a proper relationship with the God of the universe.

Topic Relevant to All Students

  • How bad decisions limit future options;
  • A teen in trouble;
  • How we scar our souls;
  • The difference between men and males;
  • Arrogance: The #1 downfall;
  • How to be a MVP for God;
  • Becoming a risk taker;
  • How can I find God’s Will for my life.

Spiritual Emphasis Week Program Details

A typical day consists of a 45 minute assembly, class room visits and when needed, teacher in-service meetings.

Rick has conducted over 5,000 Student Ministry Programs from Michigan to Mississippi since 1969.

Due to time constraints and shifting responsibilities on administrators today, Rick is able to offer three day programs or five days programs with maximum impact.

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About Rick Hughes


Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Rick never knew his father. He was raised in a federal housing project by his mother and because of difficulties associated with single parenthood, Rick was placed with several guardians. Lacking self-discipline and authority orientation he was a low academic achiever in school.

In his senior year (1963-64) at Woodlawn High School, Rick set state records in track and field. He was also chosen to the high school All American Football team. Because of his size, 6′ 3″ and 250 pounds, and ability in football, he was offered a football scholarship to an out-of-state university. However, his SAT scores were so low that the scholarship offer was withdrawn.

Rick’s Low Point Led To A Big Break

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University Alabama Football

Rick’s failure was a low point in his life. His high school football coach threw Rick out of his office. Rick was crushed. 

Later, the coach reconsidered and talked to Rick, challenging him to take responsibility for his bad decisions and to begin making the right decisions.  The coach then spoke to Rick’s teachers, who agreed to give Rick extra tutoring so he might improve his test scores.

The University of Alabama learned of Rick’s dilemma and offered him a scholarship if he could pass the ACT test. His scores on the ACT were high enough for Alabama to accept him.  The University of Alabama signed Rick to a football scholarship, and he was a freshman on the 1964 National Championship Team.

Loneliness, Arrogance and Frustration

In 1965, Rick took a summer job with a trucking firm as a driver and earned more money than he had ever had in his life.  Consequently, he dropped out of school.  This bad decision resulted in three years of frustration, anger and worry.

Rick suddenly began to feel extremely lonely. Arrogance filled him with self-pity and bitterness. He felt that people would use him and then lose him. Nothing in his life meant anything. He continually blamed others for his own mistakes and problems.

The turning point in Rick’s life came when he believed in Jesus Christ and became a Christian. That one decision transformed Rick’s life.

Christian Principles = Good Decisions in Life

As Rick studied the Bible, he learned Christian principles that have helped him to make good decisions from positions of strength and to gain self-respect. When he decided to return to college, he attended Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham for two years.

Today Rick works as an independent speaker and travels to high schools across the southeastern United States giving his Student Emphasis Week presentations

For more than 40 years Rick has been telling students that because of arrogance and lack of self-discipline, he lost his college scholarship. Rick has conducted more than 5,000 assemblies at schools that have invited him to visit and give his message.

Rick also excelled in football, being recognized as a Prep All American. He was awarded a four-year scholarship with the University of Alabama under Coach Bear Bryant.

Rick Hughes

In 1967 Rick married Lydia Lucas of Baton Rouge, LA. They have four children and reside in Cropwell, AL. They live on beautiful Logan Martin Lake where bass fishing is a favorite pastime.